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Improve public visibility of the Perkins&Will San Francisco team.

Improve public visibility of the Perkins&Will San Francisco team.


PONY Comms works closely with other P&W principals to secure top-tier coverage and further position them as thought leaders in the space.

Our Approach

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With a tight-turnaround for multiple campaigns, PONY Comms had to be nimble, quick and engaging in its execution. P&W’s campaigns exemplifies PONY Comms’ expertise in generating high-impact content, thematic messaging, and results on a tight timeline.

In January of 2020, PONY Comms started working with the San Francisco office of Perkins&Will (P&W), a global design and architecture firm. Less than three days before launch, our firm learned that the P&W Urban Design team had been integral in helping SF’s Market Street go car-free. P&W was key in the formulation of the project and laid the foundation for what is now car-free Market Street, but the firm was not involved in the 10-year long lead-up preparations. Despite this, PONY Comms committed to getting P&W recognized for their work and securing top-tier coverage.

After the success of this campaign (see below), PONY Comms worked to maintain the momentum by creating a related campaign: “Resilient Cities.” To put a human face on this, PONY Comms oriented the campaign around Geeti Silwal, the Urban Design principal at P&W San Francisco. PONY Comms made resiliency the theme of her work and emphasized it as an aspect of P&W’s practice more broadly.

PONY Comms carefully researched the project and turned around creative pitches within hours. To build the media list and targeted contacts, PONY Comms scoured media databases like Muckrack, Cision, and Google for reporters covering car-free Market Street and pitched journalists interested in urban design and walkability. Given the tight time frame, many top outlets had already covered the announcement, so PONY Comms had to get scrappy and offer a different angle: creating people-centric cities. With email tracking, PONY Comms was able to see which subject lines were working and quickly pivot in response. The pitch was succinct, clear, and to the point, and we tailored our subject lines to both local and national outlets.

The approach to the Resilient Cities campaign was different in that we were not really able to promote the individual projects—hence our emphasis on Geeti and the human element of urban design.In order to validate this, we highlighted four of her projects and how she has been behind some of San Francisco and Sacramento’s most progressive development projects. With forethought, intuition, and an eye for adaptability, Geeti is focused on making cities people-centric.


For the Car-Free Market Street pitch specifically, PONY Comms was able to secure 10 features and highlight P&W as the urban design team behind a carless Market Street. With coverage by outlets including Forbes, Curbed SF (twice), Grist, and KRON4 on local TV, Geeti Silwal, Urban Design Principal, P&W, quickly emerged as a known sustainability leader in SF.

The Resilient Cities campaign also generated widespread interest and secured features in SF Business Times, Sacramento Business Journal, ABC10 Sacramento, and SF Chronicle. Both campaigns totaled 19 articles, with 89% in top-tier outlets.


PONY Comms works closely with other P&W principals to secure top-tier coverage and further position them as thought leaders in the space.

Geeti Silwal

When San Francisco's Market Street went car-free in January of 2020, PONY Comms worked with P&W’s urban design team to engage the media and generate awareness about their role in the Better Market Street project.

Details weren’t finalized until 36 hours before Market Street’s announcement. With one and a half days prior to the launch, we found relevant reporters, crafted compelling pitches, called TV producers and secured top-tier coverage for the project’s Urban Designer, Geeti Silwal. We then created an entire campaign around Geeti building resilient cities and secured a total of 19 articles, with 89% in top-tier outlets.

Number of articles: 19
Total reach: 160,401,138
Total Ad Value Equivalency (AVE): $1,483,710.53

Melanie Turner

Despite a lack of new projects to promote, we were able to convert two tips from Melanie. As with everything else, COVID-19 radically changed the kinds of things people want in a home. With that in mind, we reached out to Melanie to get her thoughts on residential design post-COVID, and with two tips, we were able to generate widespread interest that continued to be fruitful month after month.

Number of articles: 17
Total reach: 409,513,429
Total Ad Value Equivalency (AVE): $3,787,999.22

Kami Kinkaid

In a similar vein, Kami Kinkaid, former K-12 Practice Leader at Perkins&Will, had created a soundproof fort rendering for families that allowed the work/homespace to be habitable. Coincidentally, this came out only one day after IKEA launched their very easy fort design. With fierce competition, we were able to secure 8 articles for Kami and her fort. 

Number of articles: 8
Total reach: 249,010,000
Total Ad Value Equivalency (AVE): $2,303,342.50


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