About Us

We are a female-led, full-service Public Relations and Social Media firm known for strategic thinking, creative campaigns, and unparalleled client service.

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Alexandra Pony
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Alexandra Pony is an award-winning strategist and Founder of PONY Communications. As the firm’s principal she oversees strategy and execution across all accounts.

With over 12 years experience in Public Relations, Alexandra specializes in working with tech, environment, consumer, and architecture brands. Committed to transparency and honest communication, she is known for going above and beyond client expectations to deliver high-value strategies that yield impactful results.

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Meet Our Team

Allyssa Lanctot profesional headshot

Allyssa Lanctot

Account Director

As PONY Communications’ Account Director, Allyssa is the dependable copilot everyone dreams of having in their corner. (She’s so good, she’s Ally’s right hand.) With her, chaos becomes calm and you can always rely on her to track down the right person, with the right angle, to shine a spotlight on our amazing clients. Her two adorable Frenchies are also a part of the team!

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Camille van der Sloot

Director of Brand and Social Media

With a stellar eye for design and unparalleled ability to make things cool, Camille has her finger on the pulse of what’s trending and what makes a brand stick. Whether it’s her humor, her warm personality, or abstract paintings that can fill up the room, she really makes a girl feel at home.

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Joyce Mmbando

Account Executive

A gifted writer, Joyce has a way with words and knows how to make a good story stick. She has a talent for positioning our clients in front of the right reporters with the right angle, at the right time.

Leave it to Joyce to inspire us daily with her dedication to healthy living and love of CrossFit. She makes hitting the gym at 5am look so good!

Jessie Leung-Cottrell professional headshot

Jessie Leung-Cottrell

Account Executive

Jessie is the organizational and social media pro that will SproutSocial anyone under the table. She’s got eyes on what’s trending and knows what it takes to elevate a brand. Working her magic to keep things running smoothly when the pace is quick, our fave horse girl brings the fun each day with her bubbly and playful personality.

Meaghan Reid

Content Creator

Meaghan brings over fifteen years of experience to Pony Communications as lead social copywriter. She contributes regularly across client social handles, newsletters, blog posts, and website copy. 

Haidee LeClair

Director of Content

As Director of Content, she works collaboratively to develop messaging, content strategy, and byline writing for early-stage and mid-stage startups as well as established companies seeking to reinvent themselves. Haidee's background in technical writing and building websites and applications helps her to effectively translate technical information into informative and digestible content.

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