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To position OhmConnect as the leading residential energy company paving the way to a 100% clean energy future.


Our Approach

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PONY Comms implemented a multi-pronged approach that secured compelling coverage to increase user signups, keep stakeholders impressed, and attract potential investors. Press opportunities included key announcements, executive thought leadership, customer stories, key partnerships, and a consistent search for relevant media opportunities.


  • Resi-Station Campaign: OhmConnect launched North America’s largest virtual power plant. 
  • City Energy Challenge
  • EndCABlackouts Campaign: OhmConnect provided 1M free smart thermostats to End CA Blackouts. PONY Comms arranged a celebrity partnership with Kristen Bell to engage media and attract consumers. Watch here.
  • Cisco DeVries Thought Leadership
  • Matt Duesterberg Thought Leadership
  • Don Whaley Thought Leadership
  • Curtis Tongue Thought Leadership
  • Google Partnership
  • Customer Stories


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