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Pacific Vision Foundation


Pacific Vision Eye Institute is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, comprehensive eye care to all regardless of income. Headquartered in the heart of San Francisco near Civic Center, the Eye Institute is much greater than the walls that encompass the building at 711 Van Ness. The Eye Institute is a comprehensive eye center, providing the highest level of patient care, medical education and community service led by world renowned ophthalmologists.

Pacific Vision Foundation is the funding body behind the Pacific Vision Eye Institute. Inspired by the Aravind Eye Care System in India, known for its groundbreaking business model providing high volume, high quality and affordable eye care, Pacific Vision Foundation is pioneering an innovative social model to provide eye care for all.


Once covid hit, PONY Comms researched the interaction between the eye and virus contraction and found a study on covid contraction through eye secretions. We immediately emailed the study to the doctors at PVF and received four tips from Dr. Kevin Lee.

With just this, PONY Comms positioned Dr. Lee as the go-to ophthalmologist for covid-related issues, securing features in 67 articles. Despite being an ophthalmologist, and not an infectious disease doctor, media such as WebMD, Shape and Health reached out to us asking for Dr. Lee’s thoughts on ongoing covid-related stories.



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"This surgery center meets a longstanding need in San Francisco, where community clinics have up to a yearlong waiting list. With the best technologies available today, we are the newest ophthalmology surgery center in the Bay Area. As a result, our patients will be able to enjoy lower wait times and faster recovery, regardless of their financial background."
Laura Coleman, BSN, RN, the center's clinical director of nursing

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Regarding the opening of the new Pacific Vision Surgery Center: “This state-of-the-art surgical facility is the manifestation of Pacific Vision Foundation’s mission to make excellent eye care available for all, regardless of ability to pay, while training the next generation of ophthalmology professionals”.
Pacific Vision Foundation

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